The Group

The Padley Group is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.  There are three primary areas of operation;

  • Padley Development Centre
  • Padley Homeless Centre
  • Padley Trading

Padley HQ is based at the Development Centre on Rutland Street in the Normanton area of Derby.  The Homeless Centre is on Becket Street in the city centre and comprises a Drop-in Day Centre and a Direct Access Hostel. Padley Trading comprises a charity shop on Sadler Gate and warehouse facilities on Becket Street. Padley Trading is a private limited liability company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Padley Group.

Group Services are responsible for the Catering facilities, servicing all sites and controlling all food supplies on the individual sites and in our warehouse facility. In addition, they cater for most Padley events. Other services directly managed at group are, marketing, fundraising, publicity, events, recruitment of both staff and volunteers, finance and communications.

We can only achieve the successes we do by working in partnership with others.  We have a wide partnership base relevant to each centre and the group as a whole and  have strong relationships with the statutory, health, education and voluntary sectors. We also work with long term unemployment schemes and Community Service placements.