Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of up to 10 members. All Trustees are recruited to bring specific skills in addition to business experience and commitment to our vision, values and mission.  In addition, Trustees serve on and chair the four sub-committees which support the Board, these are;

  • Finance & General Purposes
  • Remuneration & Terms of Service
  • Marketing, Publicity & Events
  • Health & Safety

The expertise of current Board members includes, Business, Education, Social Housing, Health, Legal, Human Resources, Commissioning, Finance, Equality, Safeguarding, Local and National Government, Lobbying, Charity and Voluntary organisations/sectors. The Trustees also include a Service User and a Service Delivery Volunteer.  Trustees are not remunerated in any way.

The Board’s role is to establish policy and strategy and monitor performance, taking action when performance is not as anticipated in the Business Plan and Budget. The Chief Executive operates under delegated authority from the Board and ensures the organisation operates within the confines of the Business Plan and budget.  He is supported by a team of five managers.

Trustees lead on Fundraising initiatives and ensure that an ethical approach is taken to fundraising and appeals for support. Reputation is critical and our behaviour and communications with supporters and the wider community are guided by the Board.