About Us

Padley is a diverse organisation providing a broad range of services to the most vulnerable people in the community.   We do this primarily through our Homeless Centre, Development Centre and Charity Shop.

In addition, at our Development Centre we also provide general courses and activities for people who are isolated and want to meet others while doing something different.

Our structure is unique in that our staff to volunteer ratio is 1:5 and at specific times of the year are 1:7 with volunteers providing the majority of support services for our small team of qualified, professional staff.

Traditionally, 80% of our funding was provided through contracts and grants with Derby City Council and the NHS, however since 2012 the restructuring of these organisations coupled with massive cuts to public funding has seen the source of our income change completely.  In 2016 we became totally dependent on either earning or raising all the funding required to continue providing services to the most vulnerable in our society.

Padley is well supported and much loved by the people of Derby and Derbyshire and it is due to that support along with that from the churches, organisations and businesses that we were able to withstand the massive cuts to contracts and grants which resulted in many other services for the homeless and vulnerable  in Derby, closing their doors, creating even greater demand on Padley.

In addition to the cuts to Homeless Services and within the same timeframe, there have been major cuts to the grants, benefits  and support  provided for Adults with Learning Disabilities and/or Mental Health issues, again resulting in services closing throughout Derby and Derbyshire.  The human result being, that some of the most vulnerable people are being isolated due to services no longer being free at the point of delivery and not having private means or qualifying for financial assistance.