Success Stories so far this year

Hostel Success Stories


EMC moved into the Padley Hostel in November 2018 after being illegally evicted from his accommodation. He had been rough sleeping, using the Night Shelter and visiting our day centre everyday leading up to his stay with us. In February 2020 with the help of Padley support workers he has now moved into his own Derby Homes property.


GJ left rehab and had nowhere to live so he moved into the Padley hostel in December 2019. Green Pasture’s Offered him supported accommodation and he moved in to his own accommodation with them in February 2020.


After being unable to cope with the death of his mother 20 years ago SG became and entrenched rough sleeper, addicted to drugs and has been in and out of prison. He moved in to our hostel in November 2018. for the first time in those 20 years SG is no longer under probation thanks to the Padley staff helping to support him to his appointments. In February 2020 he moved into his new accommodation with Action housing.

Day Centre Success Stories

SS -rough sleeping for 8 months. Padley has now supported him into a flat with the Salvation Army Housing Association.

LB – Had been living in another hostel for over a year with no success. LB asked Padley staff for help and has now got their own accommodation with the Salvation Army Housing Association. Padley has also helped LB to gain Universal credit and attend their appointments.

LTW – After being in and out of prison for many years Padley staff managed to source private housing and now LTW finally feels settled and is turning their life around with the support of our staff.

SW – Has been rough sleeping for a number of years and visits Padley most days. She was staying in another hostel but Padley staff felt that as she was pregnant this was inappropriate and have managed to find her accommodation with the Salvation Army Housing Association. It has been along time since SW had a place to call home.

JK – A relation ship breakdown and a prison stay, JK was left street homeless. Padley staff have now supported him into a Derby Homes property.

CG – is very vulnerable and after being subjected to abused by the warden at his supported living complex for a number of years CG made Padley aware who took this safeguarding issue very seriously and with the help of our staff he has now moved into supported living with Greater places.

AC – Had been rough sleeping for 3 years. Padley staff have helped him set up a universal credit claim, go through the EU settlement scheme and he now has remain to stay status. He is currently living at Milestone house and he attends Padley everyday and we are working hard to get him his own accommodation.

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