Rolls-Royce Build Shelter for Padley

A Huge thank you to everyone at Rolls-Royce who helped organise and build a new sheltered area at the back of the homeless centre so that our hostel residents have somewhere safe to sit outside and off the streets.

It took 4 different teams 4 days, in the sweltering heat, to complete from start to finish with the help of our woodwork tutor Paul and I think you can see that they did a cracking job.

now all that’s left to do is for our residents to plant it up with fruit, veg and flowers and this is what the residents also had to say.

“the shelter is just great we are all humbled by the time & effort that the team at Rolls Royce have given to build this shelter

It looks really cool we all love it”

“ Rolls Royce we say thank you & will look after it”