Re-location & Services Update

Dear Supporters

At last, some definite and positive news regarding our re-location from Beckett Street!  Although we have yet to exchange contracts, Padley has agreed to buy The Limes, 27 Charnwood Street, Derby, which will become our new Padley Centre.  We are being significantly supported, both financially and logistically, by Derby City Council.  We expect to move into our refurbished premises at the beginning of next year.  That may seem a long way off, but a good deal of work will need take to take place between now and then so there is less time than you may at first think. The premises should be ideal for our new approach to ‘day centre’ services with more space for support and training activities.  The warehouse and community facilities will all be under the one roof.  Architects have been engaged and we are confident that these new premises will enable us to meet our charitable objectives better than ever before.   It has taken almost a year to get to this point but if all goes smoothly from now on in it will have been very worthwhile the wait.

The second piece of good news is that services at the existing Padley House re-opened on Monday 17th May.  Staff have been working with partners to develop a new programme which has a clear focus on achieving the strap line to our logo- ‘helping people grow’.  We are determined to put an end to the ‘revolving door’ of seeing the same people come back day after day, week after week and, often, year after year.  This has always been the objective of Padley staff, of course, but we have taken the opportunity of the enforced lockdown to think through again what we do. And make a fresh start.  People will not simply be able to walk through the door, have free food, a chat with friends and leave. The emphasis is on engagement and support,

developing independent living and employability skills through participating in short training courses. There are music and art sessions aimed at building confidence and self-esteem.  Alongside visits from the hairdresser, optician and chiropodist. Sessions aimed at reducing drug and alcohol dependency will also be offered. We are working closely with the city-wide Food4Thought programme so that those in real need will still continue to benefit from Padley food.

On the accommodation side, work with Derby Homes has continued to progress well and the first three self-contained units should be operational in June.  We still have much to do as we plan for this new way of working.  However, we are more convinced than ever that for someone who has been homeless, having a home address indistinguishable from any other member of society gives a level of dignity and independence which we have not been able to give before through our hostel provision.  Our staff will be giving regular support and care so that our residents will be able to move onto fully independent accommodation within a year or so.  And for the first time we will be able offer Padley accommodation support to women as well as men.

So, you will appreciate how busy everybody at Padley is preparing for all these exciting changes.   We have only a small staff team and they are pulling out all the stops to make sure we were ready for re-opening Padley House and also starting off the new accommodation service in June.  On behalf of the Trustees and all our supporters a big ‘thank you’ to them all!

With best wishes,

Yours faithfully


Padley Chair