“People are a revelation and thank you for your support”

“People are a revelation and thank you for your support”

I, last posted on our website on the 19th of December and a lot has happened since then at Padley. As I am sure you are aware, we are still in the grip of the period of significant funding pressure. Driven by Government Funding cuts, local funding pressures and a very competitive environment when seeking grant funding we struggle from month to month to make sure that we come in over the line at the end of the financial year.

Some may be aware that we have seen an unprecedented increase in Homelessness figures locally, regionally and nationally. Our own experience at Padley is an echo of those increases with numbers attending at the Day Centre breaking 100 daily. The reduction in funding (and less staff on the ground) and the increase in demands are causing us some problems but we are rising to the challenge presently.

Last year saw a significant deficit in our end of year position and we were heading for another year with an expected deficit. The revelation for me has been the response of our supporters over the months of November, December, January and February. In that time period we have seen a turnaround and this year may well just cross the line so we don’t have to use the limited reserves we hold. This incredible support means that we draw another breath and galvanise ourselves for another year delivering the crucial support we offer to those in the city who need our help.

What has amazed me is the diversity of the support we receive. The 987 people who give us £2 or more in the regular Padley 4000 initiative, the individual annual donations from people, the businesses that choose us as their charity of choice, the one off large donations that come out of the blue and knock our socks off, the gifts in peoples Wills, the time energy and effort our volunteers give to us and the high level of commitment shown by our staff. It is amazing and all of you should feel very proud that you contribute to keep the Padley Group in Derby able to offer the support it does to vulnerable, lonely and isolated adults who are facing overwhelming mountains to climb in their lives.

The key to my message today is very clearly articulated but has a health warning attached. Please don’t stop supporting us. If you know someone who can contribute to our Padley4000 and can spare between £2 and £5 a month then ask them to help to keep us working on the streets of Derby. click on Padley4000 for more information.

If you have some spare time come volunteer for us and if you have an idea share it with us by contacting me at [email protected] .