Access to Services

The services offered at the Homeless Centre are;

  • Basic Needs Service
  • Clothing
  • Visiting Services
  • Emergency Food Parcels
  • Big Issue


The Basic Needs Service provides access to toilets, shower, personal hygiene items, food, emergency clothing and laundry facilities.


The Padley Pantry provides food and drinks during opening hours as follows;

Drinks: Monday to Friday 8am – 11:30 and 12:00 to 2:30

Thursday & Friday 4pm to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday – opening times

Cooked Breakfast: Monday to Friday 9am – 10:30am

2 Course Lunch: Monday to Saturday 12:00  – 1:30pm

Hot Evening Meal: Thursday and Friday

Soup, Sandwiches & Cake: Sunday 1pm – 3:30pm

Where clients have the means a nominal charge is made for food.  This is to encourage clients to take personal responsibility and is part of the progression towards move-on.  Where clients do not have the means to pay then food is provided free of charge and the client is supported to resolve their financial issues.

All food and drink on Sundays and  from 24th December to 2nd January is provided free of charge.

Food Vouchers can be purchased at £1 each from the Padley Shop on Sadler Gate or Padley HQ, these can be used to obtain food and drink to the face value at the Homeless Centre.


Emergency clothing, hats, scarves, gloves, socks and underwear are provided free of charge when stocks are available.

Other clothing is made available for purchase at specific times for a nominal fee

Visiting Services

Current visiting Services include;

Community Psychiatric Nurse: Weekly

Derby Drug Services: Weekly

Optician: Fortnightly

Hairdresser: Monthly

Podiatrist: 6 weekly

Times/Dates are posted on the Day Centre notice board and appointments made with Support Staff.

Visiting services are regularly reviewed and changed as needs dictate.  2-3 times a year, a Health Week is held at the Centre and additional services, such as Nurse-led general health and well being checks, sexual health clinics, mobile dentistry and other services are provided.

All visitors to the Centre are actively encouraged to register with a GP.

Emergency Food Parcels

We issue two types of Emergency Food Parcels;

  • Padley Emergency Food Parcels
  • Local Assistance Food Parcels

We provide in excess of 2,000 Emergency Food Parcels a year.  The majority of these are via the Padley Emergency Food Parcel system.

Padley Emergency Food Parcels are provided free of charge as a stop gap to individuals referred by authorised partners.  The referring agency/partner must be working with the client to address the clients’ financial issues so that a dependency is not created.  Only one food parcel containing food for 3-5 days is provided during any particular month.

Local Assistance Parcels

We provide these parcels to specific clients referred by the Local Authority through the Derby City Council Local Assistance scheme.  These parcels include both food and toiletries and can only be provided against the correct authorised documentation.

Big Issue

Padley Homeless Centre is the base for The Big Issue in Derby.

This is a system which allows Homeless people to make an income from sales of The Big Issue magazine.  All sellers are authorised and badged by Big Issue staff. Padley stores the magazines and supplies the authorised agents.