Padley Hub

The Padley Hub on East Street comprises of our charity shop on the ground floor and our head office on the first first and second floor.

The stock at the shop comes from donations made by the general public, various organisations and businesses.  All donations are sorted to ensure supplies of clothing are available for our homeless and vulnerable clients , for sale at the shop, recycling and special clothes sale events.

You can give a homeless person seeking support a food voucher instead of money when you see them. This will provide a hot meal and a hot drink at Padley House. They cost £1 each and can be purchased from the Padley Hub, Padley House and Loughborough Building society on Babington Lane. It also gives them an opportunity to seek help, support,  shelter and advice from fully qualified support workers.


We need men's, women's and children's clothing, accessories and household items to sell in our charity shop and generate income to help provide the services we do to Derby's homeless and vulnerable people. Donations can be bought to the Hub or be taken to the warehouse situated at Padley House. If you would like to discuss a donation or arrange for a collection, please call 01332 774480

Quiet Space

In March 2020 we will be opening our quiet space at the back of the charity shop. This will be a comfortable and safe space for people to come and have a coffee with friends and family and put your feet up. If your a business you could even bring a client in and have informal meetings whilst supporting your local community.