M&S Decorate the Homeless Hostel

A team from the Derby Marks & Spencer stores came to the Padley Homeless Hostel for one whole week at the end of June with one mission in mind and that was to redecorate the Padley homeless hostel and lets just say they achieved that. Thank you Derby Marks & Spencer stores.

They did a fantastic job using colours chosen by the residents and the place looks fantastic, they even deep cleaned the kitchen for us.

This is what the Padley hostel residents had to say.

“ when we were told that our rooms were being decorated for us here in the hostel at the Padley Centre by the M&S staff we were blown away by their generosity & kindness. The Padley centre is our home & to have members of the organisation to devote their own time to do this for us to make our bedrooms & kitchens look smarter painted in the colours of our choice is just fantastic”

“ the staff did a great job & we all are really grateful for them doing this for us. They were all non-judgemental & we all felt that they looked beyond our troubles & our current situation. Thank you to all of the lovely M&S staff for taking the time to do this and for treating us all with respect”

“ thank you all”

And Jessica Martin from the M&S team had this to say on their behalf

“The team really enjoyed getting involved in the community for such a worthy cause, and being able to make a difference by giving a small amount of their time but making such a huge difference to those that live their.”

“Thank you for the opportunity, I hope they enjoy their fresh and more colourful rooms.”